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About BioFlow

“We’re a passionate team, dedicated to magnetic therapy and designing natural, non-invasive products that help transform the lives of people and animals.”

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Our Central Reverse Polarity Technology

We believe that our understanding of magnet technology combined with a commitment to development has positioned Bioflow as one of the world’s leading brands in magnet therapy products, delivering benefits that have been recognised for over 25 years.

The core of Bioflow technology lies with our patented Central Reverse Polarity field – a strong, multi-directional force of magnetism. This technology is patented to Bioflow and no similar method exists.

Customer Reviews

"I find the Bioflow Sport range excellent. I play a lot of golf and find the magnetic sports wristband does wonders. Highly recommend for any sports people alike. Also looks good on your wrist."

Daniel Walker

"Fan….tas…..tic! I have been wearing one for 15 years and always wear it. I truly believe it works. This is a new stainless steel one to complement my silver jewellery. Really recommend these products."

Susan Walker

"We’ve only had the collar for a few weeks, but I am confident it is helping my 11 year old lurcher."

K Bevan

"An excellent product. I have just purchased my second one this is due to wear and tear of my first one which I had worn for many years."

Tony Savage

"Really like the Executive Wristband, it is discrete, comfortable and what’s more, despite my initial scepticism, does the job. Thank you."

Nick Middle

"I have been wearing Bioflow wristbands for nearly 20 years and swear by them. You don’t realise how good they are until you stop wearing it."

Bruce Sim

"I love how it looks, like a pewter colour with a soft sheen. I would recommend one to anyone and tell them to persevere through any short lived discomfort by removing the bracelet temporarily. I don’t know how it works, but it does! Thank you Bioflow."


"I have had Bioflow bracelets for years and they continue to provide a great product and service – thank you."

Jane Pearce

Team Bioflow

"With Bioflow, I found a great balance - a good looking product with fantastic benefits that is incredibly versatile to wear. I'm really impressed with the 2017 sport wristband and look forward to continuing to wear it on tour"

Minjee Lee - LPGA Golfer

"For a professional golfer, it's important to have the right equipment that will assist you in every part of your game. Bioflow not only delivers excellent benefits but looks and feels great"

Chris Wood - Professional Golfer

"Bioflow's credibility and innovative approach to magnetic therapy led me to choose them as a partner. The wristbands are so comfortable to wear and are a valuable part of my equipment"

Lee Westwood - Professional Golfer

“I’m delighted to be representing Bioflow, who lead the way in magnetic therapy innovation. Their wristbands deliver excellent performance, comfort and durability both on and off the course”

Marc Warren - Professional Golfer

"Having the support of Bioflow throughout my training and competition schedule helps fuel my performance. It's a brand I can trust"

Scott Jamieson - Professional Golfer

“Bioflow is a valuable part of our daily regime and training. As well as using their products as a preventative measure against injury, they also play a vital part in the rehabilitation process."

Harry Meade - International Event Rider